10 Exercises in 10 Minutes that You Can Do At Home!

I don’t know about you ladies, but I just don’t have the money to join a gym. I know, there are some gyms out there that are pretty cheap, but when you have to constantly watch your budget the gym is one of the last priorities on your list. But, I still want to be healthy! That’s okay! You don’t need a gym to be healthy or to do workouts. So, I searched the internet and found 10 exercises that we can do at home and work out every part of our bodies! I guarantee you guys that I will start doing all these workouts with you! I made it a goal this year to do a workout every day, so this is 10 days worth and I can repeat them after 10 days. Let’s make 2018 our year of health and wellness!

Each of these exercises is only 10 minutes long because we are all busy people and I, for one, have a short attention span. If a workout goes longer than 10 minutes I start getting frustrated and thinking of everything else I need to get done. These are all videos from an adorable couple on YouTube with a channel called Fitness Blender, and you can check out more of them there if you like. So, let’s get started!

1. Abs Workout

I don’t know about you, but my biggest problem area is my abs (or lack thereof). I do NOT have flat abs – I have a definite pooch. The funny thing is that this is actually the area I am most obsessed with and constantly trying to cover up. That’s why ab exercises are so important to me and why this workout is so great. You don’t need any equipment and you can easily do this at home.

2. Alt. Abs Workout

If you are looking for more abdominal workouts this one is another great at-home workout! Again, you don’t need any equipment and it’s fairly easy to do.

3. Butt and Thigh Workout

My butt and thighs are definitely not where I want them to be. Having flab and cellulite isn’t fun at all. That’s why I love these leg exercises (#3 and #4) because they target my thighs and butt, both of which definitely need tightening. You don’t need any equipment and you can easily do these at home.

4. Alt. Butt and Thigh Workout

If you don’t like the first video and need an alternative, or if you just get bored with the first one and need a second, this is another great butt and thigh workout video! No equipment needed and it’s easy to do in the home. This will help build muscle and strengthen your core.

5. Inner Thigh Workout

My inner thighs need help. I mean, my legs are stronger than my upper body, but they are pretty flabby (yuck) and certainly nothing I’m proud of. But this workout is easy to do and, for the most part, doesn’t need any equipment. There is one exercise in this video that requires an exercise ball, but you can always skip that one. They go by pretty quickly. You can also use this for back exercises because you need to engagement your back muscles in many of these moves.

6. Toning and Cardio Workout

Cardio exercises are an important part of fitness and we need to do a little cardio every day to get our heart pumping, blood flowing, and adrenaline ready to go. This video not only tones your muscles but helps to burn fat as well. These don’t really require any equipment unless you happen to have a ball around the house. If not, don’t worry about it. Just do the exercises without a ball!

7. Upper Body Workout

We all have weak areas in our bodies and my arms are definitely the weakest part of me. This no-equipment workout is great for strengthening our arms and upper bodies. So, if you need arm exercises, look no further!

8. Shoulders, Arms, and Upper Back Workout

If you want to work more than just your arms, check out this video! You can work out your upper back, shoulders, and arms. This is especially great if, like me, you work mostly at a desk. I know my shoulders and neck hurt more than any other part of me at the end of the day, so these shoulder exercises are a great way to strengthen them and stretch them out.

9. Fat Blaster Workout

If you want a weight loss exercise, this fat blaster workout will really help! Do it every day that you possibly can and pair that with eating right and you’ll lose weight faster than you think!

10. Cardio Kickboxing

While cardio is is very important to all home workout routines, sometimes they can be boring. But not this video! Not only can you workout and get your cardio in, but you can learn how to kickbox too! So much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this list and will watch these videos with me. Let me know how you do and if these videos helped you!

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