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    The Truth About Discouragement

    You know, it’s really easy to give people advice, but it’s a lot harder to actually act on it yourself. So when you guys read these posts or watch my vlogs, please don’t think I’m saying anything lightly. I know how hard it is to do what God calls us to do. I’ve talked a lot about discouragement in the past like not giving up and how to have motivation and all that great stuff. I know everything that I’m supposed to do to encourage myself: Go to the Lord in prayer Sing praise and worship music Spend time studying God’s Word Rebuke the enemy Change my thought patterns Live…

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    Steven Furtick – Good Morning Midnight

    I watched this video on Thursday after talking to my mom about how both our families (me and my husband, and then my mom and dad) are going through hard times right now but we are determined to keep trusting God no matter what. I didn’t plan on watching this video. I knew I needed to write this post and the Lord told me to go on YouTube and this video just “happened” to be on the front page. In it, Steven talks about how if you’re going through the midnight hour when you can’t see what God’s doing, when you feel confused or lost, you need to memorize, mobilize,…

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    Judging Others

    When reading my last post “A Godless Society” you may have noticed that I was getting rather heated on the subject of judgment. That’s because it is a topic of which I am very passionate and I get emotional when talking or writing about it. There are only a handful of things in life that make me feel passionate – marriage is one, but judgment is another. You see, I think Christians are the most judgmental group of people ever in existence. We know that Jesus is the only way and that God’s Word is true – and that’s great! But then we like to shove those truths down the…

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