A Brand New Christian Fiction Novel

T-S-7: A.D.O.R. (America’s Day of Reckoning)

So, I really wanted to use this post to advertise my dad’s book! He self-published on Amazon and I would love for all my readers to check it out! If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free, or just buy it for $6.50 (a great deal!). It’s a Christian fiction novel with plenty of action and fantasy. Kind of a mixture between the X-Men and a Tom Clancy novel.

Here is the excerpt my dad wrote:

America is under attack! From within! For years THE Army has been planting their people, soldiers, all over the USA. Unfortunately, America’s military has been drastically cut but their world policing hasn’t. General Kwoong, THE Army’s commander has a few surprises in his arsenal that will knock America to its knees. America is so busy being the world’s commandant they’ve neglected their own land!

God has other plans … but not before the United States learns a very valuable lesson! He chooses to give enhanced Holy Spirit abilities to seven young men and women who will balance out America’s lack against Kwoong’s arsenal. They are The Sanctified Seven.

Sounds pretty awesome, no? I haven’t read it yet (been busy with the move and trying to make money) but I will soon. And I highly recommend anyone to read it, especially because most of my audience are Christ-followers and would understand more of the concepts in this novel than a non-Christian would. But whatever your beliefs, this book is definitely action-packed and exciting! I’ve read my dad’s stuff before and he really is a great writer (guess I got my gift from him, huh?). Actually, my mom is good too, she just needs more confidence in herself.

Yes, this is some shameless advertising, but hopefully y’all can forgive me because…well…it is my daddy and I’m really proud of him! He’s actually inspired me to want to self-publish my novel by the end of this year, so keep an eye out for that exciting day! It’ll be toward the end of December, beginning of January. I only have five chapters left to write, then I have to go back and edit and copyedit the entire novel.

Anyway, please check out my dad’s book! He’d love some more reviews (good reviews only please *wink*) on his Amazon page and I know you guys will enjoy the story!

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