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I know I already posted today and this post won’t be long, I just wanted to share some thoughts and things I learned just this morning while I was volunteering.

Justin and I have been praying for a very long time for God to bless our finances. We need a financial miracle, to be perfectly honest, and we’ve been praying for 9 months and don’t really seem to have had any answers. I was beginning to think that maybe God wasn’t listening to my prayers anymore. But then, just today, He reminded me that He is still listening and He is always faithful. It was a small thing, but it really hit me that prayer really does work.

Here’s what happened. I was volunteering this morning and the coordinator had given me a list of names of people to visit. When I was done, I tried finding her so I could tell her who I had been able to visit, what I did with them, and so on. I’m not really supposed to leave the facility until I do this, but I also knew after she gave me my assignments that she was going to a meeting. They always have a meeting when I’m there and it usually lasts about an hour. Well, I didn’t want to wait around until the meeting was over, so when I had finished visiting the last patient I asked God, in my mind, to please bring the coordinator out of the meeting room so I could talk to her. I walked into the hallway where the room was and guess who came walking out of the room at that exact moment? Yep, the coordinator! I gave her my report and left, thanking God the entire time.

Maybe my finances feel more important, much bigger than something so simple as needing to talk to someone, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that my Heavenly Father reminded me how much He loves me and that He does hear my prayers and is answering them.

Regardless of what I do or don’t see in my circumstances, I will keep the faith, keep believing that God is going to work miracles in my life. I will keep praying and thanking Him for answered prayer until it happens. I know it’s His will, I know it in my spirit just as I knew that Justin is the right man for me. I don’t know the timing, I don’t know how God will do it, I don’t know the amount, but I am trusting God to take care of us and to be faithful because He promises both those things in His Word!

Another thing I wanted to talk about is healing. I was walking through the assisted living facility today and smiling at the people in their wheelchairs. But in my heart, I felt pain for them. I could see how sick and in pain they were, and all I really wanted was to reach out and touch them and heal them in the name of Jesus. In my mind’s eye I could even see myself doing it. So, why didn’t I do it? Well, I don’t even know if I have the gift of healing because I’ve never healed anyone before. But mainly it’s fear. What if I command someone to be healed and nothing happens? I believe that God still heals people, I know He does, I just wish He would use me in that way, especially because I volunteer around sick people all the time. I know their salvation is more important than physical healing, but Jesus went around healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, causing the lame to walk – I just really want to use that same power.

I would love to hear your stories of answered prayer and how God has used you in the lives of others!

I love you guys so much and look forward to anytime I hear from one of you!

May God give you an amazingly awesome and blessed weekend!

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  • Karen

    I love when God gives us a boast to remain in faith. He does that all the time with your dad and I. In fact, that is how dad knew to change his position at MUSC; thru answered prayers. God is so good! Always faithful! I know He will come thru for you all in His perfect timing. It just might be He is not waiting on you but with the person He is going to bless you through; you never know. Keep in faith. Praising and worshiping Him! Trust God always!

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