My History

(My husband and I on our engagement dinner cruise)

Why This Blog?

You’ve come to Live, Love and Cherish probably wondering what you’re doing at another Christian woman’s blog. How can this be any different from any other blog? When I first began this blog, I’ll admit that my intention was to make money. But as the months went on (and I didn’t make any money) the Holy Spirit convicted me of having wrong intentions. So then I began to really dig deep and ask the Lord what He wanted for this blog, and He revealed to me that He wants me to create a marriage ministry out of it. You can read all about my mission here so I won’t repeat the same information. All I will say is that until that ministry begins, I’m going to keep writing blog posts, making vlogs, and writing books to be faithful to where I feel the Lord is leading me.

Who Am I?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that’s great and all, but I don’t even know you!” Then let me introduce myself! I’m Tara Canady and I’ve been born again since I was 5 years old (24 years ago). I grew up in the church, raised by Christian parents, and I lived a pretty quiet, happy life. I was homeschooled so I didn’t deal with many of the social problems and pressures that many young people deal with today, and I was an only child so I got nearly everything I wanted. Unfortunately, this built up a strong selfishness in me that God is still working on breaking today. And because life was so easy for me, I expected everything in life to be easy. After I got married, I realized that nothing was easy and it is a wild, crazy ride.

When I was 10 years old, all the kids around me were saying how they wanted to grow up to be a doctor, or a policeman, or a teacher, or whatever. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. I was never drawn to any one profession. I just knew I really didn’t want to go to college – I think because it was what everyone else was doing and what I was expected to do and I’ve never liked going along with the crowd. Maybe that’s why I have become an entrepreneur and work for myself. And because I had been saved for 5 years, I knew that I needed to ask God what He wanted for my life. And I felt in my Spirit that He said He had called me to be a wife, mother, and author.

Fast forward a few years when I graduated high school. I honestly thought when I was 18 that I would meet the right man, get married, and start having kids by 21. Year after year went by and I didn’t even date anyone because I was always very particular about the kind of man I would date.


Finally, ten years later (when I was 28) I was on a Christian online dating website and I met Justin (my husband). We texted for a few weeks, decided to go on a coffee date, and less than 2 months later we were married. I know, most of you are shaking your heads thinking we moved way too fast. Maybe we should’ve waited and wouldn’t have all the problems we do right now. But I don’t believe that. Every marriage has problems no matter how long you knew each other before you got married. And Justin and I wouldn’t be pursuing our God-given dreams right now if we hadn’t gotten married. Of course, I also didn’t jump into the marriage. I was praying every single day, sometimes all day long, to make sure Justin was the right one. And I know with all my heart that he is the perfect man for me, no matter what trials we face.

But marriage is hard. And although Justin is my best friend, marriage can be lonely as well. You see, when I was single, I could flock together with other single people. We all kind of commiserated or celebrated our singleness together. But when you get married you tend to stick to your spouse (unless you’re an extrovert) and you don’t seem to have time for anyone else – or maybe energy. The problem with that is that women need other women’s companionship. I adore Justin, but he doesn’t always get me. He can’t understand my thinking or how I feel because he’s a man and God designed him to think and feel differently from me. That’s why it is so important to me to connect with other married Christian women through this blog and through this site, so we can share our struggles, our triumphs, our tears, and our lessons that we learn every day.



I truly hope that you all will join me on our journey through life and marriage and serve the Lord. Please read my blog posts and, most importantly, I would love to hear from you! You can post in the comments, join the forum, use the contact form, or email me directly at


By the way, the two furballs on either side are my furbabies Victoria (left) and Christine (right). They are adorable and hilarious and frustrating and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Thank you guys so much for reading this! God bless!

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