I finally self-published my first book on Amazon! You guys can get it by clicking right here! It’s available on Kindle for right now, though eventually, once my cover is complete, I’m going to have it available in paperback as well.

I am so excited you guys!!! I can’t wait to start writing my young adult fantasy novel again and get that published as well.

Please keep in mind that my new book is still a semi work-in-progress as the cover photo and description will probably all change as soon as I have the funds to have them professionally done. Until then though, please do support me in this and order your own Kindle copy as soon as you can!

Thank you guys so much!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

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  • Karen

    This was my review for your first book but Amazon wouldn’t let me put on their site so I will put it here. I gave you 5 stars.

    I really enjoyed reading this book because growing up I never knew what love was (not true love any way). I had so many misconceptions. Then I became a Christian in my earlier 20’s and still didn’t know what it was until I read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and these became my favorite verses of God’s Word. I really wished I had this book earlier in my Christian walk but everything is in God’s timing. I had never done an in-depth study like this of these verses. I love the transparency this author has and the how to’s at the end of each chapter. This book flows so nicely and is easy to read. I finished it in two days. I’m really looking forward to a hard copy along with the companion study so I can write in it notes and highlight the parts that really stood out to me. I’m so looking forward to her next book. I’ll be looking for it!

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