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    Sunday’s Prayer: For Marriage

    Every Sunday I am going to write a prayer for specific areas of our lives. Today’s is for those of us who are married and it’s from a wife’s perspective, but if you happen to be a husband you can just replace certain words in your mind! Dear Lord, I lift up my marriage to You today. I give You my husband and our relationship together. Make me into the godly wife You designed for me to be. Help me to see my husband through Your eyes of love. Help me to trust in You, to be obedient to You, and to follow You in all things. Help me submit…

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    Saturday Thoughts: Criticism

    This week I’ve been thinking a lot about criticism and advice. New friends I’ve made and certain family members have told me how they are being criticised for things, or are giving advice to others on how to live. I give advice all the time on my blog and I’ve been criticized here and in the past, all throughout my childhood, teen years, and young adult life. Now, before I go on, let me just say that not all advice or criticism is bad. If it were, I’d be out of a job (lol) and so would every other blogger and nonfiction writer in the world. But there are things…

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    Friday Fun Day: Book List

    On Friday’s I like to write stuff that’s just fun and family-friendly. Keep in mind that family-friendly doesn’t mean it’s for kids. But it’s clean and stuff that I like to recommend. Now, I already have a Christian book list if you’re interested in that. I will periodically update it and add new books as I read them. But this list is for fiction books if you are craving something to read on a Friday night! So, here are some great books that I really enjoyed and that you might like as well!\ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen While the writing in this book may be a little hard…

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    This entire move to Tennessee has taught me a lot about obedience, but this past week the Lord has really been emphasizing the point and testing me to see if I will truly be obedient or give in to my feelings and flesh. When we first moved here, the Lord told me to find a church and join a small group. That was back in September. The first two months we did try different churches, but none of them seemed to fit. By December we basically gave up and stopped going to church until March. Then Justin found a church about 15 minutes away, we went and ended up really…

  • Proverbs 31

    Vlog: Becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman Part 2

    Today’s vlog I am NOT wearing makeup (gasp of shock) which I explain in the video. I also continue my series on how we can become the Proverbs 31 woman. I will probably wrap up this series either next week or the week after. Hope you guys enjoy and leave lots of comments!   Please Share:

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    Hearing from God

    I’m going to take a break from my series on sin because God has been speaking to my heart and gave me some things He wants me to talk about on my blog for the week. Today’s topic: Hearing from God. In my quiet time this week I heard the Lord say to my heart that He wants to speak to all His children, but that many of us just aren’t listening. Maybe we don’t take the time to really sit down and have a daily quiet time with Him, or when we do have a quiet time we’re focused on speaking to Him ourselves (prayer) but we don’t just…

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    Monday Encouragement: Trust God’s Timing

    Every Monday I want to encourage everyone for the week to come. This week’s encouragement: Trust God’s timing! I know how hard it is to trust in God’s timing. We want things done now. We have deadlines and due dates. We think we’re ready and we think whatever we’re asking of God, or whatever God has promised, should happen right now. I felt that way for 18 years waiting for my husband, and now we feel that way about our financial situation. But God’s timing is always perfect. He brought Justin and I together at the right time and He’ll deliver our financial miracle at the right time. God has…

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    Happy Easter (and Sunday Prayer)

    Happy Easter everyone! Today we’re celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Because of Him, death was conquered and we can now have eternal life in heaven when we accept His free gift of salvation. Praise be to God for Jesus’ sacrifice! And, unlike other religious leaders people try to worship, Jesus didn’t stay dead – He came back and ascended (alive) into Heaven after appearing to many witnesses. That is so amazing! We should all be thankful today and remember the gift we’ve been given on the amazing day of Easter. Every Sunday I’m going to write a prayer for the coming week, so here is today’s…

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    Saturday Thoughts: Hearing From God

    Every Saturday I’m going to post thoughts that occur to me that aren’t in a series or that don’t require more than one post. These aren’t just random thoughts or opinions, but rather things I’m learning from the Lord or things that are very important to me. Today’s thought: How do I know God’s voice? When Justin and I chose Johnson City, TN it wasn’t a random choice, nor did God’s voice boom out of the skies and tell us to move there. One thing you should know about us is that we research and plan everything. I knew I wanted to live in the Appalachian mountains which narrowed down…

  • Sin

    The Relationship Killers

    In today’s post, I want to talk about sins that kill relationships (any relationship, not just marriage): gossip, slander, no understanding, no mercy, and bitterness. Gossip and Slander Gossip is a big deal in the church today. We love to talk about people, though we often use the guise of “prayer.” I grew up in many different churches but I always heard the same things. “Oh, Mary, let me tell you what Julia did so that we can pray for her.” You don’t really want to pray for the person, you just want to tell people what he or she has done. I’m just as guilty of it! I’ve talked…

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