Proverbs 31

Becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman: Controlling Your Tongue – Vlog

Here is my latest vlog on how we can become the Proverbs 31 woman! Today’s topic is about learning to control our tongues and be very careful with what we say!

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  • Karen

    I did leave a comment on Youtube but I just want to say again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and your hair looks so beautiful! Controlling the tongue has been one of the hardest things I have had to do but thank God I’m so much better than I used to be. God keeps reminding me over and over ‘would you want someone to talk to you like that?’ Also, to be very careful of my tone of voice. Our tone says a lot when we really don’t realize it. I pray almost daily “Lord, put a watch over my mouth and have me speak what You want me to and not what my flesh wants me to”.

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