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    Friday Fun Day: Redbox Movies

    Redbox is basically today’s Blockbuster. You can either go to the box and pick out your movie or download it online (though it’s more expensive) and it has all the latest releases! So, if you want something fun to do this Friday night, why not check out these family-friendly movies? Remember: Family-friendly doesn’t mean the movies are for children, rather they aren’t full of as much swearing or sex as I would consider “adult” movies to be. They are rated PG-13 or lower. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle This is the sequel to the original Jumanji movie with an all-new cast of characters. I haven’t seen it yet, though I…

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    Movie Review: The Shack

    After reading Christian reviews, I refused to see “The Shack” when it first came out. Last night, while I was watching videos on YouTube, my husband found it and decided he wanted to watch it. Without meaning to, I got drawn into the story and ended up turning off my computer and joining him. Please note that there will be spoilers. There is nothing revelational or surprising about the story, so I don’t believe I’ll be spoiling anything honestly. There’s no twist ending or anything like that. But I thought I should throw a warning out there anyway. Plot The main character (Mac) is a farm boy and he and…

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