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    Seasons of Silence – Joel Osteen

    I’ve watched this video from Joel Osteen a lot lately and it speaks to me every time because we all have seasons where it feels like God is silent. We don’t see Him working and sometimes we wonder if we’re doing something wrong, or if God is ignoring us, and we can get frustrated or discouraged. This video and message from Joel reminded me that these seasons of silence aren’t punishment and God definitely isn’t ignoring us – He’s testing us and preparing us for something far greater, an amazing future that He has planned for us. I hope you guys watch it and it helps you as it has…

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    Steven Furtick – Good Morning Midnight

    I watched this video on Thursday after talking to my mom about how both our families (me and my husband, and then my mom and dad) are going through hard times right now but we are determined to keep trusting God no matter what. I didn’t plan on watching this video. I knew I needed to write this post and the Lord told me to go on YouTube and this video just “happened” to be on the front page. In it, Steven talks about how if you’re going through the midnight hour when you can’t see what God’s doing, when you feel confused or lost, you need to memorize, mobilize,…

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