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Dear Beloved Reader,

This blog is only a taste of the vision that God has given us here at Live, Love, and Cherish.

The Lord has given my husband a dream of launching his own company, Triumph Enterprises, filled with inventions that he has in his mind to make our world a better and safer place with the team God brings together.

God has given me a dream of starting a non-profit, Psalm 23 Ministries, that focuses on giving those with low-income the opportunity to live in a safe, comfortable home, get career-training and private funding for a college degree. We would help those in this program to find a temporary job during their schooling as well as a long-term career once they’ve obtained their degree. We would provide career counseling as well as spiritual counseling and financial training so that anyone who benefits from this program will not only have a safe home and opportunity to earn a life-long satisfying career, but will learn how to invest, save, and spend their money wisely so that they can provide better opportunities for their families in the future.

Together we want to partner with many organizations not to just give them money but to give them our time and energy as well as we volunteer weekly, monthly, and yearly as well as going on missions trips around the world. We will partner with them as soon as we have the funds to start Triumph Enterprises.

Partner Organizations

It is the vision God has given us to bless as many people as we can and our goal to bring the light of Christ all around the world, but especially here in America where so many people live without hope. But we don’t want to do this with just words, we want to achieve it through the deeds of helping to provide whatever people need and then sharing the love of Jesus with them.

But, as you know, nothing in this world is free and the vision, dreams, and goals God has given us come with a great financial responsibility that we just can’t accomplish on our own.

That is why I’m asking you, my dear reader, to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider giving a special gift to Live, Love, and Cherish today to help us achieve the vision God has placed on our hearts and spread the love of Jesus all across America and into countries around the world.

It’s only with your love, prayer, and support that we can accomplish God’s plan and purpose, not only for us but for you as well, and this is only the beginning. Thank you so much for helping us move forward with God’s vision for us.

We are so very grateful and thankful for you,

Tara and Justin of Live, Love, and Cherish

P.S. If the love of Jesus was shared with you and the time and money of others have impacted your life or the lives of your loved ones, you know how special that is for others which is why I hope you consider giving so someone else can experience Jesus’ life-changing love and grace. I am so appreciative of your willingness to give and to hear what’s on my heart. May God bless you abundantly above and beyond all you could ask or think!

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