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    I am so glad you decided to check out my e-group! I pray this group will touch hundreds, thousands, even millions of hearts and start a new revival in married Christian women around the world! I would love to get to know you so please do post here as often as you like. I’ll respond every day!

    How to Join

    If you’d like to become a member of this group just look to the right of your screen. You should see where it says “Members Only” and there will be a link to “Register”. Go ahead and click that (it’s free and I won’t use your email to spam you, nor sell your info to anyone), fill out your information, and you can join Live, Love, Cherish! I would prefer you to use your real name, as we are all real people here, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can just use a fake name. Whatever works for you!

    How to Post

    If you’ve registered you can now post topics whenever you like! Just click on one of the three categories “Just Chatting”, “Questions”, or “Suggestions/Comments” and get posting! It should say “Create New Topic” and you do need to include a topic title and then the actual post. Other than that you can just leave the options as is unless you want to be notified of replies (which I recommend) in which case you should select “Notify me of follow-up replies via email.”

    You don’t need to wait for someone else to post a topic either. If you have something you want to talk about, or a question, or whatever, just post it! Don’t worry about being the first, or not knowing anyone, or being judged. We’re all here to connect with other married Christian women. We just want friendship and we’d love to hear from you!


    There are some rules to posting on this site, but most of them are common sense.

    1. Use clean language (no swearing, vulgarity, etc.)
    2. No advertising without permission from Tara Canady
    3. No spam (I have a spam filter but just in case it doesn’t always work)
    4. Be respectful. We all have different opinions and you can certainly share them (in fact, I encourage it), but if you disagree with someone, do so calmly and respectfully. No name calling, no bullying, etc.
    5. Use constructive criticism only! If you have a criticism of Tara, the site, anything relating to Live, Love, Cherish, or of anyone on the site (other users/posts) please make sure your criticism is constructive. Saying something sucks or is stupid doesn’t help anyone. Saying, “I think this could be better if you did this…” and explain your view, that is helpful.

    That’s it! Only 5 easy rules which are, as I said, common sense. But, if I find anyone breaking these rules, you’ll only get one warning. After that, your account will be banned. But no worries, I honestly don’t expect to have to do that to anyone (unless spammers get through my filter).

    I hope you guys truly enjoy this e-group! As I said before, once we have at least 10 members I’ll begin the actual e-group, meaning I’ll set up dates and times for us to meet online and do a Bible study together. There will be no FaceTime or anything, no phone calls. It will all be done in the forum, at least until we’re all comfortable with one another. Then, if we want to move to FaceTiming or something similar, we can discuss it.

    I love you guys and pray that God will continue to bless you exceedingly and abundantly more than all you could ask or imagine!

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