Hope in God's Word
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Hope in God’s Word

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in Your word. (Psalm 119:114)

I don’t believe any of us purposefully hope in other things. I’ve never heard a Christian say, “You know what, I don’t want to hope in God, I’m going to hope in this or that instead.” I’ve never even thought about it to myself. And yet we all end up hoping in things other than God or His Word, don’t we?

When I first got married, Justin and I put our hope in his job because he made a lot of money at the time. But by the end of one month, he’d stopped making money and we had, in our excitement of being newly married, spent way more than we should have budgeted and we ended up moving in with my parents. I know a lot of Christians who put their hope in their job or career or bank account. They think, “Well, I’ve got a good paying job so I’m safe.” The thing is, none of us are safe no matter what job we have or don’t have. Anyone can lose their job for any reason and your bank account is never truly safe. Look at the Great Depression. People who were wealthy put their money in the bank thinking they’d be wealthy for the rest of their lives but then the banks crashed and all their money was gone.

My point is not for us to live in constant fear of losing our jobs or our money or even our loved ones. My point is that our hope needs to be in the Lord and in His Word. He is our refuge and our shield. The only thing in this entire world that we can absolutely trust is our Heavenly Father. He will never leave us, He can’t die, He will never fail us, and He will always love us.

So, how do we put our hope in the Lord? I know I say this a lot but honestly, it’s because we need to do them:

  • Read/listen to God’s Word
  • Pray
  • Listen for His voice

These need to be daily activities. Even if you can only spend 5-15 minutes a day doing these things, that’s better than not doing them at all.

Putting our hope in the Lord isn’t something we can just do, it’s something that must be learned through times of trial and testing. When we can’t see a way out but we keep hoping that God will bring us through better than we were before, we’re hoping in the Lord. When we keep a good attitude and don’t complain about our situation, we’re putting our hope in the Lord.

God will protect us, we just need to keep trusting in Him. Put your hope in the Lord, not in the people or things around you! He is the only constant and He will never change.

May God pour out blessings on you and through you so you can be a blessing to others!

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  • Karen

    I was just saying this morning to our Lord “I put all my hope, trust and faith in You, Lord”. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and reminders on how good our God really is! Being in God’s word every day and having a daily quiet time helps me tremendously. I need to be in His word every single day to keep my eyes on Him and not on my problems. Focusing on our problems never helps but makes us worry more but focusing on Him every day puts things into perspective. Our heavenly Father is the only answer we need!

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