How to Trust God
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How to Trust God

My word from the Lord for this entire year is “trust.” I’ve written a lot on the subject and every time I pray and ask the Lord what I’m supposed to do or if this situation will ever be resolved, I always hear Him say, “Trust Me.”

I hear that a lot, don’t you? Trust God. Just trust God. Give it to God. You’ll have peace and not worry if you trust God. That’s all well and good, and certainly true because it’s biblically sound, but telling me to trust God doesn’t help me at all. You see, I grew up in the church. I was saved at five and I’m grateful that I’ve never known a life without God. But growing up I’ve always heard, “trust God” as the response to pretty much any situation.

  • Are you sick? Trust God!
  • Are you in debt? Trust God!
  • Do you want a spouse? Trust God!
  • Do you want kids? Trust God!
  • Need a new job? Trust God!

And I agree that we need to trust God. I’m not arguing against that. But what people can never seem to tell me is HOW do I trust God? What does trusting God really look like?

I woke up way too early this morning because I was worried about our problems. So, of course, as I always try to do when I start to worry, I spent time with the Lord. Again, He told me, “Don’t worry about it. Just trust Me and see what I will do.” Now, that’s certainly encouraging, but it didn’t really help me feel better because I’ve been hearing that for the past year and nothing has changed. Then again, I still don’t trust Him either so maybe that’s why I keep going around this same mountain.

I said to God when I was in the shower, “Lord, I want to trust You, I truly do. But I don’t know how. How do I trust You? What does that look like?”

Here is what He said to me and I hope it will help you if you struggle with trusting God as I do:

  1. Stop focusing on the problem. When you focus on the problem you want God to solve, you are magnifying that problem. Instead, we need to focus on God Himself. When the thoughts about the problem come we need to say something like, “No, I rebuke those thoughts in the name of Jesus! My hope and trust are in the Lord!”
  2. Spend time in God’s Word. Rebuking thoughts is good but if we don’t replace that space with something positive, the thoughts will keep coming back. That’s why it’s important to spend as much time as you possibly can in God’s Word. Read the Bible in the morning, listen to it on your way to work or during your workout, read it again at lunch, listen to it on the way home from work, read it again before you go to bed. The more time we spend in God’s Word the closer we’ll feel to God and the more we’ll focus on Him and not our problems.
  3. Stop asking, start thanking. Once we’ve asked God to solve a certain problem in our lives like a dire financial situation or a sickness or a future spouse, we need to stop asking Him for it. The more we ask for it the more we are focused on what we want instead of our Heavenly Father. Once you’ve asked for the solution start thanking God for it every day. Acknowledge that He is in control, He will solve it in His own way and time, and then let it go. So, once you’ve asked, “Lord God, please deliver us from our financial situation,” or whatever your case may be, don’t keep asking. Instead, start saying, “Lord, thank You for delivering us from our financial situation!” That helps us to enter a place of trust knowing that God has already solved it.
  4. Learn to listen. Jesus promises us that we will know His voice (John 10:27) but we won’t hear His voice if we aren’t seeking it every day. We need to set aside time throughout the day to be silent and just listen for His voice. Eventually, you’ll learn how to distinguish His voice from your own or any other voice that may be around you. If we want to trust God, we have to learn what He wants us to do so we can be obedient to His commands.

It’s just four steps and they sound easy, but one thing I’m learning through this blog is that it’s a lot easier to say what we need to do than it is to actually do it. Everything I write in this blog, I get tested on either that same day or the next – every single time. Sometimes I pass the test, sometimes I don’t. We all know that giving advice is easier than taking it. But I do want you guys to know that I am trying to do what I tell you guys to do because I know it is God speaking through me. He wants to help us, His children, to live for Him. His Word tells us how but sometimes we need real-life people to talk to us too. That’s why I’m here, to let you guys know that you aren’t alone!

Thank you guys for reading this! Please let me know in the comments below how God is teaching you to trust Him or how He has taught you in the past.

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  • Karen

    God has been saying the same thing to me as well. Every time worry enters my mind I immediately thank Him for what He is doing in our lives and I know our answer is just around the corner. Staying in the Word daily helps me tremendously. I get a different perspective on things and a different attitude. God will make a way when there is no way. I truly believe that!

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