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Marriage is Challenging: Part Two

Welcome back everyone, to week two of my blog! Thank you so much for the comments I’ve received so far. I’d love to hear from more of you! But for now, on with the tale of my husband and I, and where we are today.

After my husband lost his job, we tried starting an e-commerce store. It didn’t work out, but that was my fault. He wanted me to follow the guidelines of other successful stores, but I was afraid of not making money and rushed everything. I didn’t want to watch the videos, I didn’t want to wait and test the market or make sure we were getting the right products. So, I spent more than a month setting the site up. When I felt it was ready, I launched it. And…nothing. No one bought anything except my mom and one of my friends. That was it. We received a lot of traffic, so it wasn’t that our site wasn’t reaching people, but I hadn’t taken the time to find out the right way to do things. So, months of time and effort and energy were wasted. The only good thing was that I learned to wait and not rush into things.

Meanwhile, things were getting more and more stressful in my parents’ home. My husband and I just needed our own space, and the longer we stayed, the more stressed we became. Also, though my husband was applying for jobs, no one was hiring. It wasn’t really surprising as Charleston, SC is one of the fastest growing cities on the east coast right now, so all the jobs were being taken up by other people.

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I began reading Joyce Meyer’s book, “Get Your Hopes Up!” and the depression I had begun to slide into started to lift. I began to get excited about life. But I also knew that my husband and I needed to stop waiting around, hoping that something was going to change in our lives. I knew we needed to take drastic measures. We prayed and prayed and asked the Lord what He wanted us to do. And the answer came. After living with my parents for over a year, it was time to go. It was time to make the leap of faith and trust that God would catch us. So, as soon as we had our answer, we found a house to rent in Johnson City, TN. I don’t really know why I chose it, except I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains. Within a week we had the house (a rental) lined up, the moving cube sent, and we got moving. I think we started planning our move the second week of August, and by September 1st we had packed up our meager belongings, two cats, and driven to TN.

So, now you know where we are. No jobs. Savings slowly dwindling. But we’re in our own place and trusting God to lead us. I started freelance writing online, and now I’m running this blog. I’m working on my first novel as well, which I plan to self-publish by January 2018. My husband is working on a new e-commerce store, as well as our Amazon business, which should get up and running toward the end of October. He got a part-time job with Amazon, but that doesn’t start until late October either.

This whole adventure is teaching me so many things about myself, my husband, and my God. Every day is a new test, a new challenge, to trust Him. I have spent a lot of time in fear and worry. But my husband would always remind me to trust God. He will bring us through, and I know He will. When this year in TN is over, we will be stronger, faith-filled people whose trust in God will be built on a firm foundation.

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And that’s my story. After this post, you’re going to see a lot of different things: marriage tips, healthy living articles, even recipes. Not because I’m just all over the place, but because I believe all married Christian women have things in common. We all want several things in life:

  • Healthy marriage
  • Healthy living
  • Healthy mind
  • Healthy emotions
  • Physical health

That’s why my blog will be about those things. I think you’ll see how they all tie together.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Now, I’d love to hear about your marriage and journies that you’ve taken with your husband. Please comment below!

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