Monday’s Encouragement: God Hears You

We all wonder, sometimes, if God is actually listening to our prayers. Maybe we’ve been in a trial for a long time. Maybe we’ve been sick or barren or single or without a job or our financial situation is grim – and nothing is changing. Human nature is for us to wonder if God is hearing our prayers at all. And then, sometimes we even wonder if God is real or if we’re believing a lie. We all have times like this, especially when life gets really hard.

Today I want to encourage you (and myself) that God always hears us. Throughout His Word, He shows that He hears the prayers of His people. And even if we don’t see an answer right now, we need to learn how to trust that He is working behind-the-scenes in our lives. In His perfect timing, He will answer. But He always hears us. Our prayers never go unheard. God is never ignoring us. He doesn’t have “more important things to do.” Nothing is more important to Him than each of His children.

We need to remember that God always hears us and that He will answer in His timing. It may not always be the answer we want to hear, but He will answer. And sometimes it will be exactly the answer we want, but He didn’t say it sooner because He wanted to test our faith and grow us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally so that we would be more mature for the plans He has for us in future.

So, if you’re struggling today, wondering if God is hearing your prayers – take heart! God does hear you, He loves you, His plans for you are perfect, and very soon you will get a response! Just keep your eyes on Him and keep trusting Him.

I love you guys and pray you have an awesome, blessed week filled with answered prayer!

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  • Karen

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! It’s the waiting that is hard some times. I keep reminding myself to enjoy every single day and God’s timing is perfect. Have faith, trust God and keep doing what He has asked me to do.

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