Monday’s Encouragement: God Loves You

Today I just want to give you this incredibly important encouragement: God loves you! No matter what you’ve done, who you are, where you’ve been, God loves you. There is nothing on earth that you could do to make God not love you.

God is love. He is not about rules and regulations. When we truly love God, we want to please Him. But all God wants is for us to love Him and have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. God loves you!

  • If you’ve killed someone – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve had an affair – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve lied – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve cheated – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve raped or hurt others – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve messed up – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve doubted – God still loves you.
  • If you’ve failed – God still loves you.

God doesn’t love our sins and our mistakes, but He does love us. If we ask Him, if we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He is willing to forgive us for all our past sins and mistakes and all future ones too.

God loves you! Don’t ever forget that and don’t let any lies from the enemy tell you any different. God loves you more than your parents, your significant other, your children, your friends, your family – more than anyone on Earth. God loves you!

I pray that this will help you today.

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  • Karen

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! I need reminding all the time that God loves me unconditionally because most people are not like that. Growing up all I knew was ‘conditional love’. I didn’t learn anything about unconditional love until the day you were born. Then I had some knowledge of unconditional love; I thank God for that all the time. And, to know God loves us even more than that is extraordinary! Like you said: God is love!

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