More Than Ordinary
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More Than Ordinary

I think that far too often we Christians settle for an ordinary life. Go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, hopefully, die happy without too many regrets. That’s an ordinary life. That’s the kind of life that most non-Christians strive for and desire. But we were made for more than that! The moment we received salvation, we became extraordinary – and that is the kind of life God wants us to have.

Do you know why I think there are so many Christians living from paycheck to paycheck? I don’t think it’s God’s will at all. I think it’s because people settle for what they have and think God doesn’t want them to have more – to have better – to have an abundance. The same goes for settling on a career because it makes money or pays the bills at the time, yet deep down you know it’s not why God created you.

I’m not saying that living an ordinary life is a sin or wrong. I’m saying that I believe with all my heart that God wants more for us! You may then ask, “Why hasn’t God made my life extraordinary if that’s what He wants for me?” Because God is a gentleman and He won’t force anything into your life, even good things if you aren’t ready and willing to accept them.

God moves through our faith and obedience. If we aren’t believing for big things, we will never have big things happen in our lives. We need to ask big and believe big if we want an extraordinary life! If you don’t believe me, look at the lives in the Bible where God did extraordinary things.

  • Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still so he could finish off his enemies – and God did!
  • Solomon asked for wisdom, to be the wisest man in the world – and God gave him that.
  • Moses asked for God to save his people – and God performed numerous signs and wonders to do just that!
  • After his hair was cut, Samson asked God to restore his strength so he could destroy the Philistines – and God did.
  • Abraham asked for an heir from his own body – and God provided.

I could go on and on. There are so many stories in God’s Word that show not only that God answers big prayers but that He wants us to ask for big things.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27)

We seem to think that we’re bothering God if we ask Him for the impossible. Maybe we think we’re being arrogant or egotistical or something. And certainly, we can ask with wrong motives and God won’t grant those requests because He cares about our hearts. But, if what you’re asking for is not just for yourself, why wouldn’t God grant your request? Remember, nothing is impossible for God!

Now, I’m not saying that everything we ask of God He will do. It has to be part of His will already. To learn how to ask for things that are already in His will, we need to spend time with Him daily, listen for His voice, and ask for the things we believe He has placed on our hearts.

For example, I believe God has placed a huge vision on the hearts of Justin and myself. We want to start a real business where Justin can use the gift of inventing that God gave him to create products that will be truly useful to people. I want us to have a non-profit organization where we build homes for the homeless, give food to the hungry, provide clean water to communities, and build schools and churches where they are needed – all around the world. I want to reach people through this blog and through the non-fiction books I know God will write through me. And there is so much more in our hearts. We want to lead millions either to salvation through Jesus or, if they’re already saved, we want to help them grow. But for us to do all of that we’re going to need a lot of money – a huge amount, in fact, more than we could ever make on our own. That’s why I’m asking God for a very, very large sum, a sum that could only come from Him so that we can act on this vision. I’m not asking for money so I can be rich. I don’t care about being rich. I care about helping others and being a blessing. That’s why I know God is going to answer my prayer. I don’t know how and I don’t know when. I know in the natural it seems impossible, but nothing is impossible with God.

So, dear readers, I challenge you to ask God big things in your life. Don’t settle for an ordinary life. Have a bigger vision! Ask God how you can live an extraordinary life and then keep believing for it every single day, claiming it until you receive it.

I pray you guys have an awesome weekend! Please let me know in the comments what extraordinary things God is doing in your life and what you are believing for today!

I love you guys!

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  • Karen

    This word “impossible” is my word this year from God. He gave me this verse when I was praying at the end of December “Jesus looked at them and said ‘with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26). I believe this is the year for impossibilities. Like you and Justin your dad and I want to bless others and help others wherever God takes us. All I want is His will be done in our lives and to do the extraordinary through us. I believe and trust in Him that He will make the impossible possible. Keep believing, keep trusting and stay in faith! I, too, believe that He has a wonderful and extraordinary plan for you all as well!

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