My Mission

My Mission

I feel like the Lord God wants me to tell you all why I’m doing all of this – why I have this blog, my vlogs, and the books I’m writing. When I first started, I’ll be honest, it was to make money (I haven’t made any money btw). But as time went on, I realized that there is something far more important than money – marriage. Christian marriages, to be specific. With all my heart I believe that divorce should be taken completely out of the church. I don’t think divorce should even be an option for Christians and here’s why:

1)If we wait on the Lord to bring us the right spouse, you won’t need to worry about an abusive spouse. So, I want to teach singles (male and female) how to wait for the right one from the Lord God so that you don’t make the wrong choice. Getting married too soon or marrying the wrong person (especially one who isn’t saved) is one of the top 3 reasons for Christian divorce. If we can eliminate choosing the wrong spouse by learning how to wait with contentment and be very, very picky about who you choose, it will remove that reason for getting a divorce (as well as the reason of divorcing due to abuse).

2)Adultery. Now, the only reason the Bible gives for divorce is adultery, which is why my second focus is to teach married couples how to make their marriages stronger, how to protect their minds and hearts, and how to flee from temptations. If we can learn how to do this, there won’t be infidelity in the church – ever. And there should NEVER be adultery in the church. There is no excuse for it. If we can build stronger marriages that truly have Christ at the center, we’ll get rid of adultery in the body of Christ and therefore get rid of another of the top 3 reasons for divorce in the Christian community.

3)Selfishness. The only other reason to get a divorce is pure selfishness. As born-again followers of Christ, we are never to be selfish. There is no “falling out of love” because love isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice. So, the last thing I want to teach married couples is to learn how to be selfless in your marriage, learn how to communicate more effectively, how to handle your children in a godly way, how to control your finances, and many other subjects that I feel we need to know in order to build stronger marriages in Christ.

Divorce is not an option!

My dream, and it’s a big one, is to one day begin a marriage ministry which will start with pre-marital counseling; not just for couples who are dating, but for singles who want to date with the hope of it leading to marriage. We need to start training the younger generation to think the way God thinks, not the way the world thinks about dating. Then I want to connect with married couples and train them on how to have stronger, Christ-centered marriages to eliminate divorce from the body of Christ because there will no longer be any cause for divorce.

But I can’t do this alone. I don’t even know where to start building a ministry. I’ve placed this dream in God’s hands because it is way too big for me to handle. I’ll keep writing my blog posts, making my vlogs, and writing my books – the rest is up to God. But, if you feel passionate about this ministry, please contact me today because I really, really need help. Whatever your skills, whatever your area of expertise, I need your help.

Although I can use anyone’s help, here are the specific areas where I know I need the most help:

  • Contacting churches who want to get involved in this ministry
  • Starting small groups for singles and married couples
  • Financing
  • Christian counselors who are willing to counsel not just dating couples but any singles who are interested
  • Social media experts
  • Video editing experts (for the vlogs and any other videos God wants me to make)
  • Website designer (for this site)
  • Graphic designer (for this site and for our social media)
  • Christian parents who can give great advice on how to raise godly children
  • Married Christians who have wisdom to share on how to build stronger, godly marriages and how to keep infidelity away from our marriages
  • Stories from Christians who have been divorced, what led to the divorce, and what we can do to prevent it
  • Publishers to publish the non-fiction books I’m writing about love and marriage, as well as publishing Bible studies, curriculums, and devotionals
  • Anyone who can help me create these Bible studies, Devotionals, and Curriculums (for the Christian counselors and Bible studies)

These are just the areas I can think of right now. If you have any talents/skills in these areas and want to help, please contact me today! Or, if you have skills and talents that aren’t listed above but you think would help out this ministry, contact me too!

If you would like to finance this ministry you can click on the Paypal donation button at the bottom of this page. Or, if you want to make sure I’m legit, we can talk first and I’ll be happy to tell you all about my mission and get your advice on how to finance and where the finances need to go.

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