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Saturday Thoughts: God is in the Details

Just like a game of chess, God is always thinking and planning several steps ahead, mainly because He already knows the future and the outcome. God is outside of time so He isn’t bound by it as we are. We can’t see the future, but He already knows what will happen.

How does this relate to God is in the details, you may ask? Well, because God is always planning ahead and the details of our lives are important to Him.

Most of us understand that God has a plan and purpose for us. We see big things like financial blessings, being delivered from debt, being healed from a disease, maybe even meeting your spouse or having a child, as being things from God. But do we see God in the little things, the details, of our lives?

Let me give you several examples from my own life:

  • I ordered 3 books from the library and Justin and I planned on going to the library yesterday, but only one book had come in. I asked the Lord if He could bring all 3 books in so I wouldn’t need another trip. Sure enough, when I got there and said I had a book on hold, she told me that I actually had 3 books on hold and they were all there.
  • Many times I’ve asked the Lord to hold the protected left arrow at a light or find me a parking space in a packed parking lot, or cause someone to be good to me and let me out when there was a line of traffic – and He’s done it.
  • When I was getting my hair dyed for my birthday a few weeks ago I asked the Lord to give me favor with the hairdresser and to make it turn out well. The hairdresser stayed one hour past the time she was supposed to clock out because she wanted to give me a style, not just the dye (which I hadn’t scheduled for because I didn’t know they were scheduled separately). And then, the hairdresser worried at the beginning of the appointment that my hair wouldn’t turn out right because I had old dye on the ends of the hair which would alter the color. But, when she rinsed out my hair and dried it, the dye was all one color. You couldn’t even tell a difference from root to tip. God answered my prayer!
  • I’ve asked God for deals when going to the grocery store, or to a movie, or whatever, and He’s given them to me.
  • I asked God to bring me a friend here in TN and He led me to the exact right small group where I have made a friend and I’ve met some great people that I will always remember. And He did the same in the past.

That is just a small handful of the little things that God has done in my life, details that no one else would notice but I notice them because they are important to me, even though they are small.

Now, you can believe that these things are coincidences or that I’m reading too much into them. I’ve heard some well-known preachers say that God doesn’t do things like that, that He doesn’t care about your parking space or your shopping deals, but I don’t believe that at all. God is a God of details.

If you don’t believe me, please read the Old Testament. Just in reading from Genesis to almost the end of Exodus, I have already seen how much God is in the details. He gave specific instructions to His people, including Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, on where to go, how to get there, what Moses should say to Pharaoh and exactly how Pharaoh would react. When giving Moses the laws that the Israelites needed to follow, or how to build His tabernacle, He gave very, very specific instructions – as He did to Noah when He wanted Noah to build the ark. God doesn’t change. The same God who was in the Old Testament is the God we love and serve today.

I can see God in the details of my life and I really hope that You’ll start looking for Him there too. Don’t just look for God in the big things, look for Him in the little things. When we do this, we can truly see how much God loves us and the favor He places on us and on our lives. We see how blessed we really are.

I hope these thoughts help you see God as the big God that He is so we won’t try to put Him in our little boxes of understanding. I love when God opens my mind to new things!

I love you guys and pray that You are blessed and surrounded with His favor!

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  • Karen

    God is definitely in the details of our lives! Praise His Name! He cares about every aspect of our lives and I love looking for them daily. He has even had my daughter call me exactly when I need to hear from her. There are so many I could list that I probably could write a book about it. There are many even before I was saved which led to me being saved!

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