Seeking God's Will
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Seeking God’s Will

When we don’t know what to do next, we need to seek God’s will. There are many times when we just don’t know what to do. We’ve reached the end of our rope, done everything we can, and now we need guidance. Maybe you’re sick, or your finances are poor, or you’re struggling in your marriage. Whatever it is, God has a plan for you and for me.

We can live our lives any way we want, but will that bring us joy? No, if we’re not accomplishing God’s will we won’t have joy and peace. The only way to know God’s will is to read His Word and spend time daily in prayer. We must take time to listen for His voice.


A few ideas to find God’s will for you is to have a daily quiet time, fast, pray, and just be still before the Lord. There are times when you can just ask and He’ll respond, but there are other times when fasting is required.

Fasting helps us to focus. Have you ever noticed that when you eat you tend to become sluggish? Maybe you even want to take a nap? But when you’re hungry you’re usually sharper and more alert. Of course, a fast doesn’t just have to be from food. You can fast from TV, social media, soda, caffeine, or whatever God calls you to do.

If you aren’t getting the answers you seek, it’s time to change things up. Fast and pray. Be still before the Lord.

That’s what I’m doing now. Justin and I have been seeking God since we moved but things seem to be getting worse in our lives. Still, I don’t believe the evidence of my eyes. I believe what God says in His Word and what He has said in our hearts. Our financial miracle is coming! I know He will bless Tara Outdoors, and this blog, and my books. He will have a marriage ministry through me and a world-changing ministry through Justin and me┬átogether.

Seek God’s Will Together

Don’t just seek God’s will on your own. If your husband is saved, you need to seek God’s will together. Spend time in prayer each day. Read His Word together. Even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes before bed, take that time. God wants to speak to both of you and many times He’ll confirm something you think you’ve heard through your husband.

God unites us into one flesh when we get married, so it’s important that you are both on the same page. When you have time, sit and talk about your future goals. Where do you want to go in life? Have you thought about the future? Did you ask God where He is leading you? Pray about it together and separately. Talk about what God is placing on your heart.

We can’t do life alone. There are so many times we just don’t know what to do, so seek God. Or, maybe you were following what God told you to do and now you’ve come to a wall. Ask God. Knock on that wall until God answers.

I hope this helps you in your life and marriage today! Please contact me if you have any prayer requests, praise reports, or want to tell me about your marriage!

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I love you guys and pray that you have an amazing weekend! God bless!

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  • Karen

    Amen! Our prayers are with you both every single day! I just know in my heart the Lord will bless you both because of your faithfulness to Him. Things always seem worst just before your blessings come in! Hang in there and trust God! Love you both so very much!

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