• How to Trust God
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    How to Trust God

    My word from the Lord for this entire year is “trust.” I’ve written a lot on the subject and every time I pray and ask the Lord what I’m supposed to do or if this situation will ever be resolved, I always hear Him say, “Trust Me.” I hear that a lot, don’t you? Trust God. Just trust God. Give it to God. You’ll have peace and not worry if you trust God. That’s all well and good, and certainly true because it’s biblically sound, but telling me to trust God doesn’t help me at all. You see, I grew up in the church. I was saved at five and…

  • What to do in Hard Times
    Faith,  Finances,  Love,  Marriage

    What to do in Hard Times

    We all know that times get hard whether you’re married or single, but if you are married you don’t have to go through those hard times on your own. Yes, we can always have friends and family to help us, and God will never leave us nor forsake us, but if you’re married you have a live-in helper too. You and your husband will go through hard times together. We can’t always prevent those times from coming. We can’t always make them end  – sometimes God wants us to go through them. But we do have a choice on what we do in those hard times. I see married couples…

  • 7 Tips to Stay in Peace

    7 Tips to Stay in Peace

    This world is filled with fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt. We’re busy making money, paying bills, taking care of our families – and many times we have a hard time feeling peace in our lives. So, today, I want to give you seven tips on how you can stay in peace even with your busy life! 1. Control Your Thoughts I can’t stress this enough – we need to learn to control our thoughts. One of the first things I think when I wake up in the morning is something similar to this, “Why keep trying? Why not just give up? You’ll never accomplish your dreams. Things will never get…

  • Healthy Living

    How to Beat Anxiety

    Around 40 million people in the United States alone have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders or chronic anxiety. And that’s just the people who have been treated or diagnosed. Statistics estimate that the real number is about 30% of the population. Anxiety has become the #1 mental health issue in North America. Anxiety is real, folks, and it is serious. What is Anxiety? Before we can talk about ways to get rid of anxiety, we first need to understand it. According to Healthline anxiety is a normal, even healthy, bodily response. “Anxiety can trigger the “flight or fight” stress response, releasing a flood of chemicals and hormones like adrenaline into…

  • Healthy Living

    5 Things that Drive Depression Away

    Mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health, but many of us keep our mental and emotional health problems to ourselves. We don’t mind telling people how we need to lose a few pounds or take up jogging or hit the gym more often. We’ll even admit that we have bad eating habits that we need to break. But we don’t like to talk about what’s going on in our minds, our mental health. Maybe we think it isn’t that important, or that no one wants to hear about it, or that it will go away on its own. Maybe we’re just ashamed of it. I’ve…