• 7 Tips to Stay in Peace

    7 Tips to Stay in Peace

    This world is filled with fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt. We’re busy making money, paying bills, taking care of our families – and many times we have a hard time feeling peace in our lives. So, today, I want to give you seven tips on how you can stay in peace even with your busy life! 1. Control Your Thoughts I can’t stress this enough – we need to learn to control our thoughts. One of the first things I think when I wake up in the morning is something similar to this, “Why keep trying? Why not just give up? You’ll never accomplish your dreams. Things will never get…

  • Faith,  Finances

    Trusting God with Your Finances

    I’ve talked to a lot of married couples and listened to even more in videos, blogs, and books and it seems like one of the biggest issues married people struggle with is their finances. I know Justin and I have been struggling financially since we got married, my parents have been married 31 years and struggle with their finances, friends of ours have been married 5 years and still struggle with their finances – it seems to be a pretty common theme. But one thing that the Lord has been trying to teach me since I got married two years ago is to trust Him with our finances. You see,…