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    Friday Fun Day: Redbox Movies

    Redbox is basically today’s Blockbuster. You can either go to the box and pick out your movie or download it online (though it’s more expensive) and it has all the latest releases! So, if you want something fun to do this Friday night, why not check out these family-friendly movies? Remember: Family-friendly doesn’t mean the movies are for children, rather they aren’t full of as much swearing or sex as I would consider “adult” movies to be. They are rated PG-13 or lower. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle This is the sequel to the original Jumanji movie with an all-new cast of characters. I haven’t seen it yet, though I…

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    Friday Fun Day: Book List

    On Friday’s I like to write stuff that’s just fun and family-friendly. Keep in mind that family-friendly doesn’t mean it’s for kids. But it’s clean and stuff that I like to recommend. Now, I already have a Christian book list if you’re interested in that. I will periodically update it and add new books as I read them. But this list is for fiction books if you are craving something to read on a Friday night! So, here are some great books that I really enjoyed and that you might like as well!\ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen While the writing in this book may be a little hard…

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