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    Friday Fun Day: Idea Time

    Here are some great ideas if you are trying to find something fun to do that isn’t super-expensive on a Friday or over the weekend! Tour Your Town We often take the cities we live in for granted, especially if we’ve lived there for several years. So, why not look at your town in a new way? Check it out as a tourist would! My favorite thing to do is head over to tripadvisor.com, type in the name of my city, and look at the top things to do (or see). Then find ones that are either free or cheap, add them to a list and head out this weekend…

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    Friday Fun Day: Book List

    On Friday’s I like to write stuff that’s just fun and family-friendly. Keep in mind that family-friendly doesn’t mean it’s for kids. But it’s clean and stuff that I like to recommend. Now, I already have a Christian book list if you’re interested in that. I will periodically update it and add new books as I read them. But this list is for fiction books if you are craving something to read on a Friday night! So, here are some great books that I really enjoyed and that you might like as well!\ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen While the writing in this book may be a little hard…

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