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    Monday’s Encouragement: God Hears You

    We all wonder, sometimes, if God is actually listening to our prayers. Maybe we’ve been in a trial for a long time. Maybe we’ve been sick or barren or single or without a job or our financial situation is grim – and nothing is changing. Human nature is for us to wonder if God is hearing our prayers at all. And then, sometimes we even wonder if God is real or if we’re believing a lie. We all have times like this, especially when life gets really hard. Today I want to encourage you (and myself) that God always hears us. Throughout His Word, He shows that He hears the…

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    Monday’s Encouragement: God Loves You

    Today I just want to give you this incredibly important encouragement: God loves you! No matter what you’ve done, who you are, where you’ve been, God loves you. There is nothing on earth that you could do to make God not love you. God is love. He is not about rules and regulations. When we truly love God, we want to please Him. But all God wants is for us to love Him and have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. God loves you! If you’ve killed someone – God still loves you. If you’ve had an affair – God still loves you. If you’ve lied – God still…

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