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    God’s Words are True

    All Your words are true; all Your righteous laws are eternal. (Psalm 119:160) It’s hard to know what’s true in the world today, isn’t it? With photoshop, filters on photos, film editing, and technology like that it’s easy to be deceived. News stations (on television or online) talk about their own version of the news based on their political slant and you can never be fully certain of who is telling the truth – if anyone is at all. When we’re around other people we wear masks: the mask of being the perfect spouse, the perfect parent, the boss, the coworker, the employee. Whatever it is, it isn’t always the…

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    Living for Christ

    This is the last post of my series on sin and, instead of breaking down individual sins or what we should or should not do as Christians, I feel the Lord is leading me instead to talk a bit about personal convictions. There are some things in the Bible that God tells us specifically not to do and if we do them, we are sinning. But, if you are reading God’s Word as should be, you’ll already know what those are and some I’ve already broken down. However, there are some “grey” areas in our lives that the Bible doesn’t specifically talk about and it is those areas that I…

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    Saturday Thoughts: Hearing From God

    Every Saturday I’m going to post thoughts that occur to me that aren’t in a series or that don’t require more than one post. These aren’t just random thoughts or opinions, but rather things I’m learning from the Lord or things that are very important to me. Today’s thought: How do I know God’s voice? When Justin and I chose Johnson City, TN it wasn’t a random choice, nor did God’s voice boom out of the skies and tell us to move there. One thing you should know about us is that we research and plan everything. I knew I wanted to live in the Appalachian mountains which narrowed down…