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    A Confession

    I really debated writing this post. In fact, God placed it on my heart a while ago to write this post but I kept putting it off, saying that if I told the truth about what I had done, God could never use me because people would just judge me and never hear what I had to say. But the Lord continually reminded me of all the people He has used from Bible times until now who have made wrong choices and done terrible things, but God forgave them and used them anyway, like Paul persecuting the Christians as Saul until his conversion on the road to Damascus, or Peter…

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    It’s All About Grace

    If you’re anything like me and grew up in the church, or even if you are new to Christianity but you’ve been going to church recently, you’ve probably heard the word “grace” thrown around a lot. God’s grace, giving grace, having grace, receiving grace…grace grace grace. I think we can hear something over and over without really understanding it. I mean, I hear people talk about our economy but I still don’t really understand how it works because I’ve never studied it. Never wanted to, still won’t. But, I have grown up hearing about grace and I don’t think I truly understand what it is or what it means or…

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