• Encouragement

    Monday Encouragement: God’s Plan is Perfect

    There are many times when I question what God’s plan is for my life. Things go wrong or don’t turn out how I expected and I wonder if God is there and knows what’s going on. Did He intend for this to happen? Does He remember my bills or deadlines? Does He know how old I am? Does He remember how long I’ve been waiting for this dream to come to fruition? What we all need to remember is that God’s plan is perfect. Whether we’re in hard times or good times, whether we’re seeing our dreams come true or still feel like we’re wandering in the dark – God…

  • Life


    I’m sorry I didn’t post on Thursday. I had planned out a Thanksgiving post and everything, but when the actual holiday came all I wanted to do was relax. Justin was busy with work and, I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t want to do it. I realize now that I could have written the post on Wednesday and told it to post on Thursday. All well, live and learn. I’m suspending my study on love to ask these questions: What is your motivation in life? What gets you out of bed in the morning? This week has been really hard for Justin and me. We’ve been feeling really…

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