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    Talk About It

    Yesterday was not a very good day for Justin or me. I’m not going into a lot of detail, but suffice it to say I’d been angry about something for awhile and kept hoping the feeling would go away. It didn’t. And instead of talking to Justin about it when I was calm and rational, I ended up screaming at him before he went to work because the emotions I’d been bottling up exploded everywhere. It was a bad morning. But we both had time to calm down while he was gone and by the time he came home from work, we were okay again. We talked it out and…

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    Sunday’s Prayer: Our Mouths

    Today I am going to pray over our mouths because what we say is so very important. It is all throughout God’s Word that what we speak will come to be – we create reality and especially our own lives, whether good or evil, through what we say. Holy Father, I pray that You will place a guard over our mouths today. Help us to guard our tongues and be very, very careful of what we say. If we shouldn’t say something, please close our mouths and make it impossible for us to speak. I pray that every word that comes from our lips is full of wisdom and righteousness,…