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    Saturday Thoughts: Trusting God through Disappointment

    I’ve told you guys before how Justin (my husband) and I have been trusting God ever since we moved to TN. We’ve been living by faith and I have constantly sought God’s will and plan for our lives. Last month I thought the Lord told me something, that a financial miracle was coming by the end of April. And I mean, I heard it multiple times when I was spending my quiet time with Him. When it didn’t come, I thought the Lord told me He was testing my faith and that the miracle would arrive within the week because I passed the test. A week has gone by and…

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    Monday’s Encouragement: Don’t Fear

    Growing up I struggled with a lot of fears, some I still have today. Here are just some of the fears I have or used to have, just to give you an idea: pain needles heights bees (or any stinging insect) spiders ants public speaking looking stupid sharks betrayal not being accepted failure As I said, those are just some of the fears. But we can’t go through life being comfortable and never have anything bad happen to us; not in a sinful world anyway. Fear is going to come to all of us. It is one of the ways the enemy wants to manipulate us and stop us from…

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