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Take Time for Yourself

Being a woman usually means that you are taking care of everyone in your life: husband, children, other family members, even your friends or co-workers. That’s good because I believe that God made us like that, giving us certain instincts that men don’t naturally have and gifts that men rarely receive. However, it’s very easy to get caught up in taking care of others and forget to take care of yourself.

That’s why in today’s post I want to encourage you to take time for yourself. If you’re a man reading this, you need to take time for yourself too. Most men I know work most of the time trying to provide for their families and then on their days off usually spend time with their families, and that’s important, but it’s also important for you to take some time for yourself.

Now ladies, when I say to take time for yourself that doesn’t necessarily mean that you go away for the day or weekend, although that can be beneficial as well if you can actually take that time off. However, especially when you have younger children, that isn’t always possible. Instead, just take an hour or a couple of hours to do something by yourself that you enjoy: a nap, shopping, reading, a day at the spa, etc. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing and rarely have time to do, make time to do it.

When we don’t take care of ourselves, eventually we’re going to break down and not have the mental, emotional, and physical capability to take care of others anymore because we’ll be so drained. Just as we need to make it a priority to spend time with the Lord every day, we need to make it a priority to have time to ourselves each week, or a few times a month, to regenerate our mental and emotional health. God told the Israelites to work 6 days a week and then take the 7th off as a Sabbath day, and I think we need to do that as well. I don’t mean literally 6 days and then 1 day off by ourselves, but maybe one or two hours a week. We all need rest and please don’t be ashamed of needing to rest!

So, treat yourself this week! Learn how to take time for yourself and relax.

I pray you guys will be blessed this week and surrounded by God’s favor!

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  • Karen

    We all do need some ‘me time’. I really enjoy reading a good book while drinking a cup of tea especially if it is raining out. Do something fun or something you wouldn’t normally do; get creative; it will be fun. Thank you for your encouragement and godly wisdom! We all do need some time to ourselves and just get away from it all.

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