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Happy new year everyone! I know it’s still a few days away but I won’t be posting again until January 1st and I wanted to post this before 2018.

I wanted to let you guys know that I have a new store open and I’d love for you guys to check out the products there! I really think you guys would love them and I’d also love some feedback on them, that way I can get rid of things y’all aren’t interested in and maybe add some things that you guys would love to have.

This post is about where I see this blog (and my life) going in 2018, or at least beginning in 2018. These aren’t New Year’s resolutions, but rather the things I am believing and asking of God. Please post in the comments below what you are believing and expecting in your lives for this new year!

1. Reach more people

As of the time I wrote this post, I have about 97 visitors per month. I would like to vastly increase that to about 1,000 per month. I’m going to do research on how to reach a larger audience, but you, my dear readers, can help me here too. If you’ll like and share my posts and my store through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or even through word-of-mouth with your friends and family, I would be eternally grateful! I also need to get more organized about the type of posts I release. This past year I’ve basically been experimenting and posting whatever came to mind. But in 2018 I need to organize and plan it out.

2. Add a forum

I used to run message boards (or forums) from the time I was in high school until my early 20s. I think they are a great way to connect with other people, especially in this busy day and age where most of us just don’t have the time to get together in person. Not to mention it helps connect people from around the world in a way that just isn’t possible offline. So, I plan on creating a forum where Christians can come together and talk about things. Whatever is on our minds and hearts. Post prayer requests, give encouragement, ask questions, whatever you like!

3. Online Small Group

Because I’m going to add a forum, I would also like to add an online small group. While meeting in person is a good thing, sometimes we just can’t find the right group in our area. For example, Justin and I can’t really find a church here in Johnson City because every church we visited had mostly people 10+ years older than us. Now, while I would welcome their wisdom, that kind of age difference means that our life events and even ways of thinking are normally pretty different. That’s why I would love to have an online small group; that way like-minded or like-situated people can come together from all around the world and get the fellowship and encouragement that we all need.

4. Connect with People

My whole reason for creating this blog was because I desperately wanted to connect with other people. I want to connect with other Christian bloggers, Christian women, and people who can help me to grow and mature. We all need people to look up to, to bring us up in life. I want to find more people who are already successful doing what I want to do (wife/mother/blogger/author) and learn from them. Right now I feel like I’m not connecting with enough people, so next year I’m going to focus on more ways to do that.

5. Grow my Business

I really want to grow my shop. Right now I’m importing products from overseas, but I would really love to find USA-made products and start adding them to my site. But to do that I need money. I’m believing that God will bless me with $200,000 just for me to invest in my online store. That way I can have even more amazing products – maybe even work with some of my talented readers, or find godly men and women who make incredible things and would love to sell them in my store. Right now, I’m doing what I can with what I’ve got. But I have really big dreams for what I can do in the future. I don’t know how I’ll get the money, but I do know that we serve a big God and He can do anything! If you really feel called to help out, you can always donate by pushing the “donate with paypal” button at the top of the column on the right side of this blog.

6. Get My Book Published on Amazon

Unfortunately, I had hoped and prayed to be able to publish my first novel by the end of this year, but that’s not going to happen. I haven’t finished editing it and I also need about $750 to get a good cover made and hire an editor from Upwork to go through my novel. I really need an outside pair of eyes so I can make sure that it is ready for publishing. I also need money to advertise the book once it’s published, and I’d really love a trailer to be made for it that is eye-catching. I’ve no idea how much that would cost. But yeah, I’m definitely believing that God will provide those funds somehow.

7. Get Physically Published

Although I’m grateful that I can self-publish on Amazon, I would love to see my books in a store. So, I’m praying that the Lord will send the right publisher my way in 2018 who will love my book so much that they will offer to publish it and get it on store shelves. Again, I don’t see a way for this, but I know that God has a way if it is His will.

8. Move to NY

Justin and I really want to move to Ithaca, NY in 2018. He went to college there and misses it. I would love to see it and live up north for a year. I’ve only ever lived in the south. Right now we don’t have the funds (we’ll need anywhere between $1,000-$5,000 for the rent/move/furniture/etc), but we’re believing that God will provide and open doors we could never have imagined.

9. Get Pregnant

I would really, really love to get pregnant in 2018. Currently, we can’t afford to have a baby (studies say it costs close to $100,000 a year to afford a baby), but I know that it’s something God has placed in my heart for years. I know it will happen in His perfect timing and He’ll make a way.

10. Get Out of Debt

We are in quite a bit of debt, as a young couple, and I would really like for us to be completely out of debt in 2018. I would say we’d need close to $100,000 to pay off everything. I have no idea how it will happen, but I do know that God doesn’t want His children bound by debt, so I believe He’ll provide a way out for us if we keep being faithful and living out His will for us.

Anyway, as you can see, I have some pretty big goals and dreams for this coming year. Again, these aren’t New Year’s Resolutions or anything. These are things I’m truly believing and trusting God for and you can watch and wait with me to see what comes to pass. Of course, I’ll keep my readers up to date on what God does in our lives in 2018. I’m also really excited to hear more from all of you and pray that once the forum is open, I’ll see a lot more from you guys!

I love you all and I really appreciate that you’ve been visiting my blog these past few months! Check out my store and my book, once it’s published, and keep coming back for more wisdom from God, healthy ways to live, and how to improve your marriage in 2018!

Again, if you guys are interested in donating at all, I can use anything God might place on your heart. Just hit the “donate with paypal” button at the top of the column on the right side of this blog.

God bless and happy new year!!

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