The Gift of Wisdom

Wisdom truly is a gift from God which is why so many people don’t have it. And not all Christ-followers have this gift either, it is something that God chooses to give to people.

So, what exactly is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge that you receive.

You see, we all have knowledge. We don’t all have the gift of knowledge so many of us struggle to learn new things. I’ll talk more about that in my post on the gift of knowledge. But we all learn things whether through school, work, books, or life experiences.

For example, children learn quickly that if they touch a hot stove, they are going to be burned. That is knowledge. Wisdom would then ask, “What else could hurt me and how can I avoid it?”

Knowledge is learning what not to do in your next relationship if your current one failed. Wisdom asks, “Was this relational failure partly my fault, and if so, how can I change so that I won’t fail this way again in the next relationship?”

Knowledge is learning what the Bible says about a certain subject. Wisdom asks, “How can I apply this new knowledge to my life? What is God trying to say to me? Why did God say this? What did He mean by this? Was it completely literal or were there underlying meanings?”

Wisdom asks questions when knowledge just gives facts. You may know that God says not to lie, but wisdom will tell you why you shouldn’t lie, how it damages relationships, how you lose trust, how trust is hard to regain once lost, and how God will always make sure that the truth comes out.

Let me give you a couple real-life examples from my childhood and teen years. You see, God did give me the gift of wisdom, which is how I can write all these posts. They aren’t my opinions, they are what God has or is teaching me through His Spirit. Now, I got saved at age 5 so since then I have had the Holy Spirit and my spiritual gifts which include wisdom. My parents said I couldn’t date until I was at least 16. I asked why and they explained how they didn’t want me to get hurt, how young relationships almost never lasted, how dating should lead to marriage and not just “fun”, and how you give a piece of yourself to each person that you date, whether you have sex with them or not. Now, that would have been just knowledge if I didn’t have the gift of wisdom. But wisdom caused all of their explanations to make sense to me. I understood their reasoning and I agreed with them. That’s why I never tried to date behind their backs, even when given the opportunity (and I was), because wisdom told me that what they had said was true, and I didn’t want to get hurt. I wanted to save myself for my husband.

Another example from my teens: most teenagers, I would say the majority of them, rebel against their parents. They do things behind their parent’s backs, they act out, they push boundaries. I didn’t. I never rebelled because wisdom told me the consequences of my actions. I would lose my parent’s trust, I would get in trouble, I would regret my actions later in life, and some consequences could last a lifetime. So, I listened to wisdom.

That is why I write these posts and why God is having me write nonfiction books as well as fiction ones, because this wisdom isn’t just for me or my loved ones – God wants me to use the wisdom He has given me to help others to understand His Word and how He wants us to live.

My problem comes when I don’t listen to wisdom. I make mistakes because wisdom tells me to do one thing but I follow my flesh or my “feelings” and do the opposite thing. Wisdom never leads me down the wrong path, but you have to listen to wisdom for it to be useful.

And, even if you don’t have the gift of wisdom, you can use the wisdom from others. Listen to their advice, take their teachings to heart, learn from their mistakes. We all need a person with the gift of wisdom in our lives because they can help us learn from God’s Word and what He is trying to say to us.

For me, personally, wisdom usually comes as a feeling or a “knowing” in my mind and heart. For example, when I’m writing these posts I always pray in the morning that God will write through me, and then when I write I don’t think about what I’m going to say, I just let the Holy Spirit move and write through me. Sometimes what I write surprises me because even I didn’t think about it until I wrote it. Even some of the things I’m writing about wisdom, or in Tuesday’s post on the spiritual gifts, I never once thought about until I wrote it out. That’s because it isn’t coming from me, it’s coming from wisdom.

If you want to learn more about wisdom, check out these Scriptures (and make sure you read the verses surrounding them so you can have context):

  • All of Proverbs, especially chapters 1-4
  • James 1:5
  • Matthew 11:19
  • Luke 2:40
  • Luke 21:15
  • Acts 6:10
  • 1 Corinthians 1:17-30 (explains the difference between godly wisdom and worldly “wisdom”)

If you want more Scriptures I recommend heading over to and just type in the word “wisdom” and it’ll give you a ton of results!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please let me know in the comments what you’ve learned about wisdom and if that is your spiritual gift, how God is using it in your life! I love to hear from you guys!

Have a blessed weekend!

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  • Karen

    It was through watching you live your life that I started to develop wisdom. You made me question why? I really had not done that before. I would just do things without questioning them. I have lots of bible knowledge but it really wasn’t until after you were born and asked the Lord to help me see through your eyes did I really know what true wisdom was. I thank God and you for that because now I do live through more wisdom and I do question things so much more. And, I look for the why in God’s word. I never thought of consequences until we would have our talks and you would talk about consequences. It’s amazing what we can learn from the eyes of a child if we just paid attention and don’t think as ‘adults’ we know everything because we certainly don’t.

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