The Truth About Discouragement

You know, it’s really easy to give people advice, but it’s a lot harder to actually act on it yourself. So when you guys read these posts or watch my vlogs, please don’t think I’m saying anything lightly. I know how hard it is to do what God calls us to do.

I’ve talked a lot about discouragement in the past like not giving up and how to have motivation and all that great stuff. I know everything that I’m supposed to do to encourage myself:

  • Go to the Lord in prayer
  • Sing praise and worship music
  • Spend time studying God’s Word
  • Rebuke the enemy
  • Change my thought patterns
  • Live by faith, not by sight

But here is the truth about discouragement: it increases apathy. My husband and I have both been feeling incredibly discouraged the past few days since Saturday actually. If it’s a test, I don’t know if we’re passing. We’re trying – God knows we’re trying. But discouragement drains away all my motivation to do anything that I know I need to do, even cleaning my home or making dinner or working on this blog or my books.

All those things I listed above? When I’m feeling like this, when I’m feeling discouraged, I don’t want to do them. I feel tired, listless, and like I just want to give up. I mean, what’s the point right? I’ve already done those things in the past and nothing in my life has changed. I’ve been faithful, I’ve been determined, I’ve been obedient, but things either don’t change at all or they get worse.

So, what do we do when we feel this way? We do it anyway. We can’t go by our feelings. I don’t feel like doing any of that, but I know I need to or I’ll just slip further into discouragement which will eventually turn into depression and, while not impossible, getting out of depression is harder than getting out of discouragement.

This isn’t going to be a long post. I don’t think it’s going to be filled with profound wisdom. Rather, it’s meant to encourage you and to encourage me that when we feel discouraged when we know what we need to do but don’t feel like doing it, make yourself do it anyway. We’re not going to feel any better by giving in to the discouragement. We have to make ourselves, I have to make myself as soon as I finish writing this post, do what I know I need to do. And you know what? The discouragement may not lift immediately. It may not lift today at all. But I have to keep trying, keep being faithful, keep doing what I know I need to do regardless of how I feel or what my life looks like or whether or not anything changes. We need to do what’s right just because it’s right.

Please pray for me guys. I really need and appreciate your prayers. And if you have any prayer requests, put them in the comments below so I can keep you in my prayers as well!

I love you guys! Thank you so much for reading and for being faithful followers of Jesus and of my blog. Have a blessed week!

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  • Karen

    I wrote a long comment before this one but it didn’t post and I didn’t save it so I can’t remember all I said but thank you so much Tara for your honesty and helping us all through this. Keep writing and keep doing what God asked you to do!

    • Tara

      Thank you so much! And remember before trying to post a comment, copy your text that way if it crashes or bugs out, you’ll still have the text saved. You can even post it in Notepad if necessary. I had to learn that the hard way many times. lol

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