Waiting on God

Do you hate waiting on God? I definitely do. The problem is, it’s a big part of our lives as Christians. We are always waiting on God for something: a spouse, children, the right job, money, blessings, etc. There is never a time in our lives when we won’t be waiting for Him. He’s God and His timing, while perfect, never matches ours.

My husband and I are going through that right now. God has made some promises to us that we believe by faith are from Him, but month after month goes by and there is no answer, no blessing, nothing. And the longer I wait, the more doubt creeps in. Is anyone else like that? I’m sure it’s not just me, but I get extremely frustrated sometimes. I know I probably shouldn’t admit to that. I should tell you that it just strengthens my faith and teaches me patience and I’ll come through this so much stronger. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all true. But right now, I mostly feel frustrated. Sometimes I get depressed. Is that the right way to handle it? No, and I don’t recommend it. But is it a human way of handling it? Yeah, it is.

So, if it frustrates us and can even lead to depression, why does God make us wait?

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I know you’ll probably hate this answer because I know I do, but the truth is God makes us wait for many reasons.

First, He makes us wait to strengthen our faith. Our faith will never grow in the good times but only when times are hard. When we have to wait and live by faith that a promise God made will actually come to pass. Have faith that He will provide for our needs and take care of us.

Second, He wants us to wait to develop patience. Patience is one of those disciplines that only grows when you’re forced to use it. We can pray for patience all we want, but the only way to truly strengthen it is to use it.

Third, things just aren’t in place yet. Many times what God has promised isn’t going to be “magically” accomplished. Instead, God has to move things around by changing people’s hearts, helping them make decisions that will ultimately bring about His promise, etc. Imagine a chess board where God is trying to get you to the right square but to do that He has to rearrange some of the other pieces. But unlike chess, human pieces have free will. So, that sometimes takes more time than we would like.

Fourth, we have to wait to help us grow and mature. Children want things right now, no waiting. I’m not much better than a child. I’ve never liked waiting. I like getting my way. That is one of the reasons why God makes us wait sometimes – so we can grow out of that mindset. Sometimes we just aren’t at the right place, or the right frame of mind, or the right level of maturity. Sometimes we just can’t handle the blessing or the next level that we’re asking for until we grow.

There are others, but no reason is easy or simple. Even though we know that the waiting is for our good and that God’s plan is always perfect, there will be times when we get frustrated or depressed or weary or just want to give up. I get that way and I don’t know any believer that doesn’t. So, don’t feel discouraged if you find yourself in that same place! Don’t get down or hard on yourself for being human, for not being perfect. Remember, God first loved us in our imperfectness. He knows we won’t be perfect.

The important thing is to never give up. No matter how frustrated, depressed, or tired you get – do not give up! Always come back to Him. Always ask His forgiveness for doubting. Always return to your faith and the truth that His answer, His promise, His blessing is coming.

After writing this I know I’ll be tested on it. I always am. And yes, that is frustrating. But hey, I’m going to speak the truth and admit the truth about myself to you.

If you need any prayer or just want to talk about your own experience in waiting for God, you can either comment in the section below or send me an email through my “Contact” page. I love you guys and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! God bless!

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