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What Everyone Ought to Know About Veganism: Part Three

Welcome back to my blog! Today I am wrapping up my “What Everyone Ought to Know About Veganism” in part three. If you haven’t read them already, please check out part one and part two. Also, just as a reminder, all of this information comes from the website “What the Health” and you can always check them out and get more information.

Again, I just want to remind you guys that I’m not telling you this stuff to scare you or “convert” you to veganism. Instead, I want to warn you what is really in our foods and the huge possibility of health issues that stem from them.

I have to admit that being vegan is hard. I’ve failed on the cheese side of it. As bad as dairy is, I have a hard time cutting it completely from my diet. I don’t eat it all the time anymore, but I will admit that I haven’t cut it out entirely. I don’t, however, miss meat at all. Meat always made me sick when I ate it (like sweets), so it wasn’t that hard to give up. But the more I re-read this information, the happier I am that I cut it out. And I really hope that you absorb this information and decide what to do with it.

If you do want to switch to an all-vegetable diet, there is a great bodybuilding program that uses only plants to help you lose weight and gain muscles called  V3 bodybuilding.

Anyway, on to my final part of this series!

Did you know that meat/dairy/fish have a very high rate of causing cancer? Here are the facts:

  • A World Health Organization report classified bacon and sausage as carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer) to humans
  • The American Cancer Society encourages eating processed turkey and canned meats, knowing that they have the potential to cause cancer
  • In the US alone, one out of every 4 deaths is caused by cancer
  • Heterocyclic amines (chemicals formed when muscle meat, including beef, pork, fish, or poultry, is cooked using high-temperature methods, such as pan frying or grilling directly over an open flame) are clear-cut carcinogens
  • The American Cancer Society encourages the consumption of fish and poultry, despite the dangers they know to exist
  • Men who have had prostate cancer and have a high prognostic risk have a four-fold increased risk of recurrence or progression if they have a high poultry intake
  • Fish are no longer safe to eat due to the PCB’s (industrial products or chemicals), Mercury, Saturated Fat and Cholesterol in them
  • Fish have become mercury sponges
  • Toxins bio-accumulate in fish flesh (meaning you eat tons of toxins when you eat fish)
  • 93 percent of dioxin exposure (Dioxins – one of the most toxic chemicals known to science – are mainly by-products of industrial practices. They are produced through a variety of incineration processes, including improper municipal waste incineration and burning of trash, and can be released into the air during natural processes, such as forest fires and volcanoes) comes from eating animal products
  • Commercial animals are largely fed genetically modified (GMO) corn and soy
  • Eating organic meat will NOT help you avoid contaminants

These are just some of the facts included in the video and website. He also tells you (through interviews with certified doctors and scientists) that dairy is linked to the development of autoimmune diseases, and the vast consumption of dairy in childhood actually causes lactose intolerance (from which both I and my husband suffer). In fact, most people in the world ARE lactose intolerant, even if they don’t realize it. That’s because our bodies were not designed to eat meat or dairy. He goes into how and why in the video and I really, really recommend that you watch it. There is just way too much for me to explain, and much of it scientific, that you need to hear from the doctors and scientists themselves.

Anyway, all of this is why my husband and I have chosen the vegan lifestyle. I hope some, if not all, of this, resonates with you and you’ll give you and your family’s diet some serious consideration.

I want to thank you guys for the comments so far and for reading this post! Tune in next Tuesday when I give you 12 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen.

Please leave me some comments and feedback because my goal through this blog is to connect with other married Christian women out there. And even if you aren’t married, or aren’t Christian, or maybe aren’t even women, I would still love to hear from you! Like and share this on your social media sites and please leave some comments. Love you guys!


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  • Karen

    Thank you for all the hard work with the research and honesty. All great reasons to change our eating habits and becoming healthier. I may not cut out meats completely but I will definitely cut down on them considerably. I love fruits and vegetables any way. It’s the junk food I have a hard time with 🙂

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